The birth process is the most difficult stage in every woman's life. But also we should not forget about the importance of the documents that need to give each mom her and her baby. This is, firstly, the remaining part of the card exchange, which is issued in the antenatal clinic, 2 and 3 the sheets where the second sheet covers information on the nature of delivery, on the state of the mothers, and one with information about the child's condition, physiological parameters (weight, height).
Secondly, vouchers No. 3-1 and No. 3-2 of birth certificates for payment to health care services for the first and second six months of follow-up, respectively.
Thirdly, the certificate of birth of the child from the hospital or medical birth certificate. It is valid for one month, must be completed by the midwife who attended the birth, and contain data about the sex of the child, time and date of birth. The certificate of birth shall be signed by midwives and seal of the hospital.
For the issuance of birth certificate by civil registry offices are required to provide a certificate of birth from the hospital, mother's passport and father's and certificate of marriage (if any), as well as the statement of one of parents. Together with the birth certificate handed out the certificate in form No. 24 to receive a lump sum on the birth of a child, which is valid for six months. After this time the right to receive Federal benefits in accordance with article 17.2 of the Federal law of 19.05.1995 №81-FZ is not saved. We must remember that this Handbook is issued at the place of study, work of one of the parents of the child. To receive benefits, the following documents: statement of allocation of benefits, certificate of birth, form No. 24 and the Registrar, certificate from the place of work, study of the other parent, what is the benefit not appointed.