Activate the service "international roaming" network operator "Intertelecom" - it allows to significantly expand the geography of use of the services. You can use their SIM card while in other States. This service is available to owners of all commercial voice tariff plans.
To activate roaming "Intertelecom" in the self-service system. Just go to the website, enter your username and password to login and go to "Services". Select, in this case "international roaming" and select "Activate".
Please contact the customer support center, for example, the number 0945050750, and ask the operator to activate the roaming service for your number. Either go to the dealer point of sales operator or the customer service center closest to you. To use the service, turn phone in range of the roaming partner, and it will register your machine on the network.
Activate the service of international roaming in MTS network. Please contact the nearest brand salon MTS, if you are a new subscriber. Subscribers who use the services of the operator more than six months and timely paying their bills can activate the service.
For this you need to call from a mobile phone to number 111 or 555, with stationary at number 044 240 0000 and ordering roaming service. Or sign in "Internet assistant" in the browser and manually install the service for your room.
Activate roaming in network of operator Life, its cost is 5 UAH, and the duration of 30 days. These days you get 100 minutes of roaming calls. To activate the service, dial from your phone *141# and press the call button. For calls in roaming at this rate before the called number, dial *131*.