Uncheck the "three Pack service" calling with your mobile phone to the customer support center. To do this, dial the short number 0611, wait for a response operator. After that call the passport details of the owner or a code word that you registered when purchasing the SIM card. After that, the service will be disabled.
Disable the service via self-service. To do this, go to the official website of the mobile operator "Beeline" at In the menu, find the tab "Private clients", and in it item "my account", click on it.
In the list that opens click on the tab "service management System My Beeline". You will see a page where you will need to enter ten digit phone number, password. If you have not previously registered password in the system, from your phone, dial the following combination of characters: *110*9# and a call key. Within a few minutes your phone will receive service message with a password.
Enter the received password in the right field. Then hit "Enter". On the opened page, find the tab "Services and fees", of all names connected options select "Package of three services: Internet via GPRS, GPRS-WAP, MMS", uncheck the checkbox before this item. At the end press "Save".
Disable the option "Package of three services," you can and using a special USSD-command. To do this from your phone, dial the following combination of characters: *110*180# and press the call key.
To disable the "three services Package", you can contact the nearest office of the cellular operator "Beeline". If you currently have a passport. In that case, if the account is not registered to you, the owner of the SIM card issue in your name the power of attorney.