As mentioned above, to deactivate the service and English lessons in several ways. One of the easiest ways to send a message to the free number 6275 with the text "stop". Deactivation of the service happens in the first minutes after sending SMS, the phone does the status notification options.

At least a simple way to disconnect the service is a call to the number 068421202. By calling this number, you can be assured that the service will be disabled almost immediately, and will inform you which within a minute or two a message.

If you are unsure of the above combinations, then the next option is for you. To deactivate the service can call the mobile operator Beeline on a short dead 0611 and ask him to disconnect the service for you (of course, the call must be carried with the SIM cards where this service is connected). Method, as you can see, simple, but in this case it is necessary to remember that to disable the option you'll need a passport, who was Simca.

And the fourth way to disable the "English lessons" Beeline - using the personal account. To do this you need to go to the page, login in the box to enter a phone number and password in the column, respectively, of the password. If you're in a private office visit for the first time, in this case, you want to click on "get password" and within minutes to the number specified in the column username, you will get a text with a set of numbers and letters: this is the password (temporary, you can change it immediately after logging in to your account). Once you are in your account, you need to go to "services" and next to click "disable".