Dial from your phone *111# and press the call key to check the connected services on the Beeline mobile control center. Information about the connected options will appear right on the phone screen. You can also call to 0674 to go to a voice version of the control center services. Follow the voice prompts to select the desired menu item and order a report on services available on your phone via SMS. This service also allows you to activate or disable various features, to subscribe to background information from the operator, install mobile entertainment.
Try to check the connected services on the Beeline, by calling Vodafone on number 0611. Once the connection with the support is installed, ask him to tell you the information you need. In order to obtain more accurate information, tell the operator your rate. If necessary, you can ask the operator to disable the options you don't need.
Use your personal account by logging into it on the official website of the operator. First you will need to pass short registration procedure. To save time, you can immediately dial the command *110*9# and you will get a password. Go to services to see which ones are active. Here you can activate and deactivate various options.
A list of connected services can be obtained at the nearest to your home office or salon operator. Give the staff your passport and a mobile phone with active SIM card. The center's specialists will check which options are active at the moment to perform the necessary actions on the device. If you wish, you can ask them to deactivate unnecessary services.