The description of the rate "Zero doubt"

Rate is "Zero doubt" is quite simple: it offers users no monthly fee cheap SMS and cheap calls within the network. This rate includes the following services: calls to Beeline, which in the second minute of conversation cost 0 rubles. You are only charged 1 minute of conversation. The cost of one minute calls to numbers of other operators are paid differently, depending on your home region.

The same rule applies to SMS: the first messages sent per day, will be the most expensive. The cost of the SMS should be clarified in your area.

Also, this rate can be quite profitable if you activate the "My texts", as well as some options to reduce the cost of Internet traffic.

The connection rate is "Zero doubt"

To connect the tariff plan "Zero doubt" on the Beeline, you need to call to 0674 10 222. Your application is accepted, the tariff will be connected.

Also to make the transition to the tariff through the private area that much easier and faster. For this you will need to log in your personal account on the site Beeline, to perform all the necessary actions.

If I bought a new SIM card in the salons of the operator, the entire amount for the connection will also be credited to your account. The cost of switching to this tariff is 0 rubles, but if you change the rate more often than once a month, you will be charged the amount of 50 rubles.

To disable the rate is "Zero doubt" on the site of the Beeline, and with the help of consultants in the office.