Install the SIM card "Beeline" in the appropriate slot of your mobile device, and then turn on the device. After the download the phone test the Internet. Often the settings of "Beeline" automatically activated in the options of the phone, because the new SIM card of the operator contains the necessary data to activate the Internet connection. Modern device platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone can recognize and automatically include them in the apparatus.
If the Internet connection is missing, you'll need to activate the desired settings manually. Go to the device settings, and then change the options of the Internet connection, which may be called the "access Point", "Mobile network" or simply "Internet".
After the transition in this section you will see a list of available settings for the connection. If in this list there is an option to Beeline, click on it and select "Activate". After that restart the device to save the changes and activate the new Internet connection. If everything was done correctly, you will be able to go online with built-in cellphone browser.
If the setting Beeline does not exist, create a new access point using the corresponding context menu functions of your device ("Add access point"). You will be prompted to specify several parameters needed for a successful connection. In the field "access point Name" enter the name of Beeline. In the field APN ("access Point") write parameter You can also ask for the field "Username" the value of the beeline. In the field "Password" enter the same beeline.
Save the changes and restart your device, sequentially turning off and then turning on the phone. Open the program to browse the Internet on your device or any other app that works only through the network. If all settings are correct, will begin downloading the desired web page. Setting a Beeline for the mobile phone is completed.