The subscribers of "Beeline" can obtain information about the connected services, calling from your mobile phone to the control Center services 0674. In automatic mode you will be prompted to see a list of connected services, which will then be sent to the subscriber via SMS.
You can also use another option: on your mobile phone keypad to enter * 111 # and press the call key. This opens a menu where you can select "My Beeline" - "Services" - "My services". After sending the request, the subscriber will receive SMS with a list of the currently connected services.
You can also call the customer support Service by number 0611, waiting for the response of the operator to make a query to get a list of connected services. The list of services will also come in the form of SMS.
Another way to learn about the connected service – log into your "my account" on the website www.beeline.rureceiving a password with the command * 110 * 9 #. Here, the subscriber can not only learn about the connected services, but also independently to connect or disconnect services.
In the offices of "Beeline" you can always get full information on your account, tariff plan and activated services. When handling to office, subscribers will need a civilian passport.