You will need
  • - phone connected to the "Beeline";
  • - the Internet.
Change the usual beep to something more interesting, by calling the toll free number 0770. In this case, the ringing in your mobile phone will automatically revert to the free standard music to the song you will hear all callers. If such variant does not suit you, choose what you like from the catalog on the official website of "Beeline" or when calling the same number – 0770.
If you already know the code of the song you need, send an SMS message with this code number 0770. The service will be automatically connected.
If you liked the tune installed instead of the tone at the calling subscriber of "Beelinea", during a call, press the star. After that, the song will be copied and you will receive an SMS-notification with information about the name, cost and duration of the selected motif voice or joke. If you have not connected the replacement service horn, the service "Hello" is automatically activated. By clicking the star icon, the customer agrees to the terms of service and cost.
Set your own song or a personally recorded greeting, if you order the service "Hello" on number 0770, and after recording your music or voice treatment, same number 0770 or 0778. The cost of an exclusive record "Hello" - 10 rubles per minute. The duration of the recording is not limited. Manage your records by number is 0770, and in a special section of the site operator -
Give the melody instead of signal to another subscriber, if he already has a service hi. At connection of service "Hello gift" the customer only pays for the music that he gives. To give a new horn , please, call 0770 or on the website.