Advice 1: How to disable roaming within Beeline

"National roaming" operator "Beeline" - a convenient service that enables you to stay connected even when you are outside your home network. It does not even need to connect and disconnect. All this will be done automatically.
The fact is that as the connection to the service "national roaming" and her trip is directly related to the number of funds on your personal account. If the amount of funds remaining in the account will be not less than 600 rubles, you will be able to communicate outside the home network at special prices. As soon as cash will be less than three hundred rubles, then roaming will be automatically deactivated and you will not be able to make and receive calls. This rule will apply to those subscribers who use prepaid billing system. For the postpaid system roaming is valid without restrictions (like only the party will be in the home network, the service will be deactivated automatically).
Service with exactly the same name and is available to subscribers of the operator "MegaFon". It also allows you to communicate freely outside the home region. Disconnects and connects the "national roaming" is absolutely free, however, any of these procedures can not be done independently. For this you will need to contact the nearest customer service center or the salon "Megaphone". Activation/deactivation will not take you much time, but will require a passport and the contract on rendering of communication services.
Another Russian operator, MTS, has the opportunity to be in roaming due to the service called "World without borders". For its connection it is enough to dial only one USSD command *111*33*7# and press the call button. In front of you on the phone will appear of the user who will need to follow. Moreover, for service management there is a special self-service "Internet Assistant". Through it it is possible not only to connect different services and to disable them (including the "World without borders"). This system you can easily find on the official website of the company.

Advice 2 : How to activate roaming to Beeline

To use roaming accounts for a variety of reasons – a business trip or holiday abroad. Not to buy the new place the SIM card of the local operator, you can just connect this service.
How to activate roaming to Beeline

Why do I need roaming?

Typically, the roaming service is necessary for those who often travel to different regions of the Russian Federation or even in foreign countries. This can be a working trip, an ordinary vacation abroad or a trip to visit friends, acquaintances, etc. In such situations, it is necessary to provide to itself comfortable conditions of communication at the time in another region.

But, before to activate roaming, it is worth remembering that for all Beeline subscribers this service is activated automatically after the SIM is activated. When Beeline subscriber is abroad, and it counts more than 600 rubles, the service roaming is activated. And when the balance will be less than 300 rubles – the service is deactivated.

In this case, you can still choose another appropriate service or tariff, reducing the cost of calls. The first option would be best, as these services only work for a while, and after returning home, the subscriber will make calls at the old rates.

When another rate change and the cost of calls in Russia, so this option should be chosen only in case if it will be more profitable than the previous rate (for example, with frequent trips abroad).


Before connecting the roaming you need to find out your tariff plan. You can do this by calling 0611 or on the official website of Beeline. Depending on the rate of the connection cost of roaming will be different.

Roaming on the territory of Russia is divided into two types – on-net and national. Intranet roaming is available to subscribers of Beeline automatically connected at any balance above zero.

National roaming allows you to be connected even in the area of the other operators. This service works in almost all the regions of the Russian Federation. Find out all the details or to activate roaming, you can use the operator (by number 0611) or through the official website of Beeline.

International roaming is available for Beeline subscribers in more than 200 countries. Those subscribers who use postpaid payment system, get access to online roaming. It is automatically connected with a positive balance.

Subscribers who use predoplatnoy payments system, should take care of the relationship in advance. First you need to check if there are any outstanding payments (with the command *110*04#). Then, to activate roaming on the Beeline, you need to dial *110*131#. After that, the subscriber will receive an SMS-message indicating that the service is successfully connected. In addition, roaming is possible in any office of the company.
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