The mobile operator provides roaming services within Russiaand outside the country. Intranet roaming is automatically activated in case of positive balance, so to connect it specially is not necessary.
If you use pre-paid billing system, make sure that your account was not less than 600 rubles (including VAT), then you will be able to use national roaming. The service of national roaming will be disabled if your balance is below 300 rubles.
With postpaid payment system of national roaming begins to operate automatically.
International roaming with this operator available in 213 countries. In 120 countries of the world operates online-roaming, that is, it is available automatically in any positive balance in your phone and you can monitor expenditure in real time, provided that you use pre-paid billing system, and your account has more than 600 rubles. About conditions of connection international roaming services in a particular country find out by going to the operator of the link and selecting the desired country.
If you are a subscriber is a postpaid system, make sure you have no unpaid bills. To do this, dial *110*04# and click "Call". After that make a guarantee fee of 1,500 rubles, depending on your tariff. Next, enter the number 067409131 and wait for the SMS that are connected to the roaming service.
Going abroad, learn the system of discounts offered by your operator. You can choose one of the reduced tariffs for international roaming: cheaper SMS messages, GPRS at a discount price discount on all incoming calls in any country in the world or discount on all conversations in a specific country.