Check whether your mobile phone is GPRS (this is usually indicated in the instructions). Activate the service on the official website of "Beeline" or through a call to the number *110*181#. Once the service has been turn off and again turn on the phone to register to the GPRS network. If you need unlimited Internet, connect to the appropriate service to its primary rate.
In some models of phones you must create a new account for GPRS. Go to phone menu and under "Accounts" click "Add new". Specify the type – "Data GPRS", enter a name for the new connection - Bee-gprs-internet. In the line "New GPRS data" select access point - name – beeline to automatically allow calls and plain authentication. IP address leave blank. Disable data compression and headers. Save the settings and activate the new account.
To get automatic settings, call the toll free number 0880. The password to save the submitted information is 1234.
Use your mobile phone as a modem, downloading and installing on a PC or laptop with GPRS Explorer is a program that will automatically configure your phone and computer (laptop) to access to the world network.