Before calling support, make sure that you have installed in the device, the SIM card purchased in the same region in which you are at the moment. While abroad, support services do not call at all - the call will cost the same as a regular call to Russia. The exception is when it is necessary to block lost abroad SIM card that nobody used it to call the loan (and they are charged international roaming it thus, and, regardless of your tariff plan).
Prepare your passport details. Call 0611 phone with the SIM card "Beeline" (roaming may not work) or on the Moscow number (495) 974-88-88 from any other phone (in this case, the call will be paid). The number for calls from other phones in your area find out of Russia at the regional operator's website.
Hearing the phrase "Dear subscriber, for all the Internet and television - press 1 - press 2", press the corresponding key of the device. If you are calling from a wired phone, before that, switch it to tone mode.
Press the star key, and after the answering machine will switch you to another menu, press the same key again.
Press with zero. Wait for a response consultant. The answering machine will periodically inform you how the approximate time you will hear the answer.
When the consultant will meet, inform him what kind of help you want, or what operation to implement. Or complain to him on mobile scams. If he asks your passport, report it to him. Do not make false complaints and not refer to matters not within the competence of the consultant, for example, about how to connect this or that service on the phone of another operator.
After the consultant put the phone, the answering machine will ask you to evaluate his work. If you want, just give it a couple minutes.