You will need
  • Mobile phone;
  • - coverage of "Beeline".
Dial on the keypad of your mobile phone USSD-command *100*10# and press the call. After some time, number 0647 you will receive an SMS message indicating your phone number in 10-digit format.If the team you have does not work, dial *110*9#. In response you will receive SMS containing your login information to the online service management system "My Beeline". The first paragraph of the message (login) – is your phone number in 10-digit format.
Look in menu of your telephone services "Beeline". The specific location depends on the model of your phone. The illustration is a screen shot of the smartphone Samsung Wave 525. In this model menu",Beelineand" are located in group Settings. Simple models often the item can be found directly in the main menu.
Open the service menu. Select the item called "My Beeline"and in this subparagraph "My data". To submit a query in the list, select the relevant line is "My phone number". In response you will receive SMS with your 10-digit format
Make a call from your mobile phone to any well-known you the number of switched on mobile phone near you – on your second mobile phone of someone from the household or friends. Or just on the phone helpful passer-by who agreed to help. Your number in international format is displayed on the phone screen of the called party.
Do not worry, if there's a second phone no. Call or send SMS to any of your loved ones (family member, friend), whose number you remember. Apologize, explain your situation and ask them to send you your phone number in the SMS message or to read aloud.
Write down your phone number as soon as it will learn wherever I can to no longer be in this stupid situation. Beat in the special field of the directory of your phone, fill in the notebook (including paper), lock the "Notes", set of special widgets on your desktop, etc.