To find out which service you are connected, type on the keyboard of your mobile phone: *110*09# and press the call button. In a few minutes you will receive an sms message containing the response to your request. To disable any service, dial the appropriate combination of:
- "Be aware Beeline" - *110*400# and call;
- "Be aware + Beeline" - *110*1062# and call;
- Voice mail- *110*010# and call;
- "Caller ID" - *110*070 and call;
- "Chameleon" - *110*20# and call;
- Chat- *110*410# and call;
- "Contact" - *110*4020# and call;
"Sms traffic" - *110*2010# and call.
- Favorite number- *139*880# and call.
To deactivate "Beep", call toll-free service number 0770 and follow the instructions answering machine.
To disable the service "Lottery 1010", send an empty sms-message to short number 3003.
The service "Hello" you can disable by calling 067409770 or dialing *111# and press the call button. Then click "My Beeline" - "Services" - "Hello" - "Disable".
To deactivate "Watch", dial *566# and press the call button and select in the main menu of services the item "Disable".
Disable the service "Internet with an unconfigured phone" you can call short number 0622. Please note that when you request to *110*09# this service does not appear in the list of connected.
In addition, manage your services, you can by going to your account on the link To login, enter your phone number and for the password, dial the combination *110*9# and call.