Call support Beeline number 0611 inside the network. When using the services of another operator dial Moscow number (495) 974 88 88. Calls within the network will not cost you anything, but for long distance account will be charged a certain amount. About communication operator Beeline from other Russian regions or foreign countries you can find on the official website of the operator.
Listen to the auto-reply message that contains further instructions. You can choose any voice menu depending on the category of your question, the pre-activating tone mode by pressing the asterisk on a telephone keypad. To directly call the operator Beeline press "0" key or just wait for some time until the start of the connection.
Tell the operator your personal data depending on your question. If you want to find out information relating to financial transactions and documents, you will need passport details. Also better to write down on a sheet of paper with your phone number, as because of the rush and excitement subscribers often forget when they are asked support staff.
Remember that usually the conversations support the carrier and its customers are recorded, so try to be polite and avoid rudeness and insults employees. Better to think about your conversation, record all the questions on the paper. Remember the name of the operator, when he called him. If the employee is rude to talk or seem incompetent, you can complain to the management of the company.
Use the official website to contact Beeline. At the top of the page you will see a link "Ask a question". Click it, and then type your question in the box and press "Ask". If the consultant is online, you will receive a response immediately. Otherwise, go to the tab "feedback", where you can also ask questions and leave your contact information. Within a few days you will receive a response.