To control the connected services, the mobile operator Beeline has launched a special web interface, posvalue to see a list of all options, and work with them in any way. To go to your Personal Cabinet, go to the official website of the company. In the upper right corner of the opened page click on "my account".
If you do not have a username and password, enter the combination *110*9# when entering a phone number then press the call key. In a few minutes you will receive a message, which will contain a username and password to login.
In the next window you will be prompted to enter a permanent password that will be used when logging into Personal account. Enter the desired combination and click "Next".
To view the list of connected services select "services Management". The screen will display several pieces of information. To disable one or the other parameter of the tariff plan simply uncheck the unwanted item, and then click the "Save"button.
To change tariff plan window Personal account, click on the tab "subscription plans". To disable your rate, simply select from given list, any other tariff plan and to click on the "Edit"button.