Exterior Scottish fold

Scottish fold (Scottish fold) is a small cat with a roundish, well-filled body, plush dense and elastic coat. The animal has a small snub nose, huge round eyes with naive children's eyes.

The most distinctive part of the body of the Scottish fold ears that are not close to each other and as if hanging down, thus covering the ear. This phenomenon was the result of mutations at the gene level, but looks very nice and original.

The coat color fold cats can be quite varied – colored, multicolor, striped and others.

Genetic characteristics of the breed

Kittens Scottish fold cats are born with straight ears. Only three to four weeks their ears attain a desired shape. By this time the ears and can stay erect. Just this breed, which is called Scottish straights is need for further breeding, because lop-eared pet can not cross each other.

The character and features of behavior

The Scottish fold is characterized by "a great sense of humor, loves to play with people, not aggressive. This breed gets along well with other Pets. The disadvantage of fold Pets is that they can't meow.

All the beauty of the Scottish breed revealed the cat. The adult pet can weigh more than 10 kg, which is significantly more than the cat. But even at this weight, even an adult cat will not lie all the time on the couch, and happy to play.

Varieties of the breed

The breed Scottish fold is represented by two varieties - shot-haired and long-haired. The trunk in cats is quite powerful and squat. The paws have short and neat form, the neck is also short. The muzzle has a well rounded shape with formed jaws.

In adults are well developed cheeks, especially in cats the Scots. In most cases, the coat color fold corresponds to the color of the coat. Only white color can be various color options eyes. The tail can be different length, but it invariably corresponds to the length of the body.

Caring for a Scottish fold

Scottish fold cats are highlighted in the comparative ruggedness and special care is not required. Preferably every day to comb their fluffy wool. Because the ear covers the ear canal that periodically need to lift and explore, to not bred there mites.

Food animal also undemanding. But it is important to know that the feeding should be correct and timely, because it is a guarantee of excellent health and longevity of your pet.