Tricolor cats are usually spotted or partial color. As a rule, their skins white colour with orange or black spots. Tortoiseshell is considered to be almost the same, but it is not so: the "turtle fur" black and orange with white spots or without them, and tri-colored cats basic color white. In the understanding of a layman turtle, a cat, three-color or trehlistnaya – one and the same. It should be noted that the tri-color and tortoiseshell is irrelevant to the breeds of cats – it's only a coat color, not more.

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There are tri-colored cats?

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Tri-colored males, though very rarely, but still appear on the light. For this reason the research was conducted, according to which three thousand cats with this coloration has only one cat.

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It's all about the chromosomes, which have female and male individuals is different. According to the genetic rules for male the chances of getting a coloring with three colors is negligible. And those rare occasions when it happens, can be regarded as miracles of nature.

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As a result of the anomaly, which is related to the presence in the genetic set of an extra chromosome, these cats are sterile. This means that tricolor cats are not able to procreate and pass on to posterity treasurechest. A rare color can be transmitted only through the female line.

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The cat has two X chromosomes XX and males have one X and one Y. the X chromosome responsible for the appearance of red and black color and available in color white "blame" the other chromosome. The cat due to the presence of XX chromosomes, the possible simultaneous occurrence of red and black color along with white. In the case of males, have one X chromosome gives or red color, or black. This feature leads to the fact that tri-color color is mainly found in cats and in cats. The acquisition of tri-color cats in the world is considered a rare success.

Breed trehlistnyj cats

Tri-color cats color may have different. However, they are mainly divided into two types. First – the color is called calico, in which the dominant colours are black and red. Also in coloration there are fuzzy white spots and silvery, smoky shades available. The second is the color harlequin. Such animals are almost completely white, only a small part of the fur is painted in a different color – usually spots on tail, back or the face.

Not all cat breeds can have among their representatives Transarctic. Mostly this phenomenon occurs in purebred and short-haired animals. Breed by breeding it trehlistnyj cats, and especially cats, almost impossible. Even among the offspring of domestic cats trehlistnyj it is difficult to predict the appearance of tri-colored kittens. Breeders can only increase the chances of having such individuals, but the result will depend more on luck.