What's the difference between British and Scottish cat

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It should be noted that the fold of the British does not happen. Under this name, often involve a Scottish fold cat or Scottish Fold (Scottish fold). British Shorthair breed exists only with straight ears.

во сколько лет можно спаривать шотландскую вислоухую

British lop-eared cat might be born due to the mating of the two above types, but the kitten loses its purebred and can have serious disease. A pure breed though have similarities, due to the characteristics of the body have different specific care.

в каком возрасте можно вязать шотландскую кошку

First you need to understand who is who. Apart form the ears, these breeds have a few differences:

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British different medium or a large, muscular body on strong stocky legs, the Scots are more lightweight and elongated skeleton and slender legs;
- the head of the representatives of the British breed is a large, round, strong, short neck, and with massive cheek, we Scots have the cheek less developed;
a British tail short and thick, and the Scots is a flexible, tapering to the tip.

британская короткошерстная спаривание

Care fold Scottish

Accustom your pet to preventive procedures since childhood. In this case, he'll get used to it, and it will be easy to care for him.

Eyes kitten should always inspect and wipe clean with a cotton swab dipped in water as needed. For each eye use different cotton swabs.

To the vet should be sought if you notice tears brown released the third eyelid as well, if the cat often rubs his eyes, squints.

Shorthair cats should be brushed once a week, and longhair – every day. It is worth noting that the British, unlike the Scots, like brushing against the grain.

Bathing often takes place quietly, if you teach a pet to this from childhood. Do this as needed: when the cat is very dirty, fleas or dandruff.

The ears of lop-eared Scots should be cleaned every two weeks with a cotton swab dipped in a special liquid for the ears. If you notice that the pet is constantly scratching his ears and shaking his head, inspect it, and if it finds dark-brown plaque or tick, contact your doctor.

Nails should be cut 1-2 mm special kogterezki. For the front paws do the procedure twice a month, for the rear one. Be careful not to damage the blood vessel of the claw.