You can also name a cat after a popular Scottish drink - whisky (Whiskas) or in honor of a well known clothing worn by the Scots Kilt or the Celt.
You can choose a name based on the color of a kitten: grey suit grey, grace, Gracie, Smoke, smoke; red – Red, Reds, Lilla (from "lilac" - "purple"); so often called the red-haired animal - Apricot, Orange, Peach, ginger and just; and striped suit nicknames Stripe, tiger, Tiger, Tigran.
британские котята как назвать девочку
You can also pick up any other beautiful, rare and original name that you like. For example, Adam, August, Augustine, ays, Ivanhoe, Argo, Archie, Aurora, Athena, Ada, Barcelona, Valencia, Juventus (football fans), Basilio, Baltimore, Vincent, knight, Eva, Lisa, Zita, Elisha, Esja, etc.
выбрать имя для шотландской вислоухой
Some people call their Pets after their favorite actors, movie stars, cartoon characters and computer games. There are owners who call their Pets in honor of politicians, for example, Silvio, Vova, Dima, Mitya (full name Dmitry), Chubais, Berlusconi, Bush, etc.
Как назвать кота
You can remember these cat's namesthat are famous in various books, films and cartoons: Boniface, Leopold, Roger, Bagheera, Hippo and Garfield.
как назвать чёрного кота мальчика
In addition, you can observe the behavior of the kitten and choose a nickname, right. For example, the dark knight, Base, Werth, Boss, Baron, Boss, Lady, Madonna, Caress, Bullet, Major, Zhorik, paunch, tum, Pirate, Tisha, Tikhon, Sonia or FIFA. You can call a cat according to what she likes to eat – a Loaf of Butterscotch, Waffle, Sausage, Sausage, Yogurt, a Donut or Cheese.
Choosing a name for a pet is sometimes difficult for the hosts, because on the one hand, variants of nicknames too much, but on the other hand, you need to pick one that is right for your kitten. Try to dream up, to form derivatives from other words or just use the Internet there are many sites and forums that discuss the topic of choice of names for animals.