If you purchased a purebred animal with a pedigree, the owners of the nursery will probably offer you several options for matching nicknames, or at least a letter, which they must begin. However, this does not limit your imagination. Animal, participating in exhibitions may have an additional "home" name. Well pet pet-class that is not used for breeding and not intended for shows, is free to be called in a way that pleases its owners.
Look closely at the kitten. Feature of Scottish fold cats is that their unusual "children's" appearance, they retain for life. A round face and a huge, perpetually astonished eyes, complete with tiny ears – this animal want to call sweetly-affectionate, even a funny name. The result of the Scottish fold get nicknames Bunea, FIFA, Varka, Susana or dragon.
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Growing up, the "Scots" gain be and valarie manners. They do not reach the size of the British cats, however, have a strong bone structure, dense coat and good fatness. Therefore, adults Scottish is fine respectful names with patronymics, such as Fedor or Savva. Felinologists believe that cats like words with hissing and deaf consonants.
Owners of unusual color can be given a name that emphasizes this feature. Cute kitten blue or lilac popular color call Lily or Violet, the little ginger – Peach cream cat suit or nickname Blondie Sweeties, coal black is a proud name of Sheba.
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Choosing a name for cats is a great way to demonstrate their own erudition. Your lop-eared pet can get the nickname worn by the cat of one of the famous people. For example, white "plaid" can be called White Heather (as a beloved cat of Queen Victoria). Beautiful colour tabby can get the name Delilah in honor of one of the cats Freddie mercury. And possibly, your pet will approach the simple name of Susie – it was the name of cat-the ancestor of the Scottish fold breed.
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