Decide why you take the kitten. According to the international classification Scottish fold can be a PET class (Pets, usually sold with a mandatory castration, in exhibitions do not participate), BREED class (for breeding and participation in exhibitions) and SHOW-class (with a rich pedigree, parents Champions). The run prices of kittens of different categories is large and can vary within a few tens of thousands of rubles.
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Choose the future pet only breeders, even if you're going to take a kitten is not for show, but for themselves. Even if you are a beginner in the breeding of pedigree animals, do not buy a kitten from the hands of the "bird market". Better look for ads in Newspapers or the Internet and then personally visit the retailer. Note the appearance of a cat-mother, feel free to ask questions on the content of Scottish fold cats, nutrition. Ask to see photos of cat-producer, if he doesn't live in the same house. So you will be able to determine the purity of the breed and to imagine what will become of your pet when you're older.
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Inspect the vending kitten on the subject of the purity of the breed. The classic purebred Scottish fold from birth should be tiny, tight to the skull ears, long tail, big round eyes, thick body. Do not take a kitten younger than six weeks, if he's still not accustomed to the tray and kittens are not vaccinated or has not passed a deworming (treatment of parasites).
как выбрать здорового котенка
Pay attention to the behavior of a kitten in a familiar environment. Health and development of the Scottish fold should have mobility and playful, be curious and not to digitise strangers. With proper care, the animal hair will be shiny and smooth, eyes and ears clean and their stomach by touching it, without blistering. Cheerleaders, if you've selected Scot comes rare the smell of urine: a sign of bad care and as a consequence, the untidiness of cat.
клички котоов шотландцев
Focus on your own preferences when choosing the color of the Scottish fold. Today, animals of this breed can boast a variety of colors, ranging from red marble and finishing smoky spotted. But keep in mind that the final period perelini kittens of this breed ends only to four months (not at all). Therefore, to predict what will be grown Scot, is problematic even for professional breeders.
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