For mating Scottish fold cats need Scottish straights cat of the same breed, but not dangling, and with straight ears. Otherwise, they are fully consistent breed characteristics – have a slightly stretched body, silky fur, small rounded head on a powerful neck. The straights found among the highland fold cats – Scottish fold with long fur.
сочетать сухой и влажный корм для кошек
Not knit Scottish fold and British cats. Modern breed standards do not allow the kittens are larger and more massive, they have changed the shape of the head and tail, and the structure of the wool of British is different. This kitten is unlikely to become the champion of the exhibition and be eligible for breeding. Never tie two cats with hanging ears – their offspring are guaranteed to congenital defects such as problems with the spine and limbs, and General weakness of the body.
Чем кормить кошку
The right partner for your cat can pick up at the club, specializing in Scottish fold. You will help you choose a cat of a certain color, which can give interesting and promising offspring. If you own a cat-a fold, the club will help to check the quality of the ears, laid in line-straight.
как случить кошку с котом
Agree with the owner of the fee for binding. Usually the owner gives cat owners the cat one kitten from the litter. The owner straight can expect it to straight from the animal, and the one who provides for mating lop-eared partner, gets a fold. Please note that Scottish fold kittens are usually born with less. If all kittens will be straights, the owner of a Scottish fold cat can receive a cash payment equal to the cost of the kitten.
свести полукровку с породистым котом
Choosing a partner for the cat, consider the appearance of a partner depend on the data of kittens. Rate the color, quality of coat, correct body. Make sure that the future partner of your animal has a flexible tail. Congenital problems with the spine – payment for folded ears fold, this mutation is manifested not so rare and is transmitted to offspring. For the show-cats desirable suitable cat, he can improve the breed of cats breed-class. Pet owners pet-class can be freer in choosing a pair for their favorites.
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Note the degree of slozenost ears. The perfect ears are small, widely spaced, directed forward and not advocating for the contours of the head. Higher valued lugs with double fold, tight to the skull. Animals having three folds, is extremely rare and valued very highly.
Before mating, make sure that the cat is vaccinated and healthy. He shall be no discharge from the eyes and nose, dandruff in hair, it should not be too exhausted. If there are obvious signs of distress, the binding should be postponed.