Importantly, food

как кормить питомца

Taking a kitten from a breeder, ask about the diet of the pet. It is desirable to continue to feed him the usual products in the established regime for at least the first days. This will prevent the animal from indigestion, and from worries about his appetite.

Scottish fold cats are omnivorous - they are not capricious in food and quickly get used to new products. Decide whether you will feed your pet a homemade or industrial food. The last option is preferable - professional food contain a balanced complex of nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for proper development of the kitten. Up to six months pet is fed canned food and dry pellets for kittens, later they can be transferred to food of adult animals. Keep the animal clean water is especially important if the kitten is eating dry cat food.

If you decide to prepare their own meals, do the animal a mixture of meat products and cereals. Kittens contraindicated fatty meat, cream, processed products, and cured meats. Scottish-foldem do not give a lot of calcium - such as cheese. It is believed that such foods can affect the ears of the animal - instead of lying on the head, sits up.
Do not fertilize pet treats - Scottish fold are prone to overeating, which can lead to fullness and upset stomach.

Feed a kitten three to four times a day. After six months it can be translated to two meals a day.

Good manners

Как кормить йорка

Scottish-folds quickly get used to the rules. Give the animal a comfortable place where he will feel safe. It could be a basket with a soft mattress, couch, or a special cat house. Make sure that the kitten has been scratching post and toys. The little Scot will spend hours playing with the mouse, suspended on elastic or kick a paper ball.
The kitten needs to communicate. Daily play with him, take it on hands, talk. Scottish-fold is very sociable and needs close contact with the owner.

Kittens of this breed are very clean. Choose the most convenient toilet litter and regularly clean it. You can put pet two tray - this is especially useful if you don't get a home for a few hours.

Scottish fold good with kids, cats and other Pets. They very rarely show aggression, maintaining a cheerful disposition until old age. These kittens do not scratch and do not bother meow, they are very balanced and slightly phlegmatic. But for the safety of Pets is to regularly do them a manicure. Trim nails with special clippers for animals, removing only the tip of the plate.

Take care of the fur of the kitten. For a thick fur with a dense undercoat take care with a common comb with rounded teeth. Visivite kitten twice a week - usually animals easily tolerate the procedure. Wash your pet is not worth it. But it is necessary to regularly clean his ears. Cotton swab soaked in special lotion, gently RUB the ear in. If the wool is a noticeable dark brown, show the kitten the vet - maybe the animal was infected with ear mites. Check and eye pet. If they are watering, drip with anti-inflammatory drops, and dirt in the corners of the eyes remove the moist cotton swab.