You will need
  • - a contract with the owner of the animal;
  • - vaccination;
  • - help about genealogy;
  • - food for the cat;
  • tray;
  • - the contract for binding
As a result of mating breeds Scottish fold (fold) and straight (straight) can be born as a Scottish fold and kittens with straight ears. The appearance of folds on ears of the Scottish fold is the result of a very successful genetic mutation.
как свести кошку с котом в первый раз в чебоксарах
The biggest difficulty when breeding Scottish fold cats is only 50 percent the probability that born foldit, the rest of the accounts on the straights. The actual ratio of straight and fold kittens is different, but the straights are born almost all litters fold. Despite its straight lugs, they have a set of genes-modifiers that support particular species.
как сводятся кошки
The young Scottish cat take the cat when she reaches puberty can become pregnant and produce offspring without any risk to their health. Skip two first heat and the third man. The Scottish cats (for their own good) kittens should be born not more than 3 times in two years.
познакомить кошек
The first mating is best carried out at the Scottish cats under the age of one and a half years. If she had kittens up to 2 years, may experience health problems.
как подружить кота шотландца
By the time animal mating private from major infectious diseases: rabies, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, calicivirus infection, chlamydia and lichen. Swipe deworming cats for a week before mating (smoke worms).
как случить кошку с котом в первый раз
Pay attention to the first signs of estrus in the cat: she begins to parcipate requires special attention, affectionately rubbing against your legs and other items; if you, stroking her back, up to something, she cuts him on his side, tail shaking, and the cat priepyat hind legs.
Usually knit two healthy Scottish cats happens without help. Please note that some cats, once on foreign soil, just "forget" about the purpose of the visit. Sometimes, cat owners are mistaken in their assumptions about the estrus in the animal. But the cat identifies it instantly. He's either excited and shrill voice announces willingness to reciprocate, either with undisguised indifference turns away from the guests, leaves or even defiantly lies down to sleep.
Take your cat to cat, pre-negotiate all conditions with the owner of the animal. Of course, there are cats who knit the kitty at her house, but usually that is in its territory representatives of the strong half cat feel more confident. Bring along: direction to the stud, issued by the club (if you have both accepted), a copy of the pedigree cats, the Treaty is binding (if it will be), food for three days and tray. Trim the cat's claws.