The older Scottish kitten, the more chances you have to appreciate it, especially if you choose a future producer. At the age of 1-2. 5 months - all kittens are heartwarming and charming, and assess their strengths and weaknesses is extremely difficult. But the feline teenager at the age of 3 months could be a worthy subject for study. After 3 months, the kittens lose infant charm, stretch, and possible shortcomings are especially apparent.
The perfect Scottish kitten to be a fat chubby face with wide-set eyes. As for the body, the fold "Scot" is distinguished by a broad chest, strong legs, thick and not too long tail. Coat the Scottish fold cats are dense and short. And, of course, a kitten should have a little drooping ears. Remember that ears, the kitten may eventually rise, but to sink - in any case.
Check the spout Scottish fold hump. Visually it is difficult to determine - at a young age spout with a future hump just looks shorter. But this may be done by swiping your finger across the nose of the kitten from forehead to nostrils. If the hump is not expected, you will experience a completely smooth surface. Palpate the tail to check if there are knots and creases. Note the teeth: correct bite should be scissors.
However, if you want to take a kitten as an ordinary family pet and do not plan to participate in exhibitions, you may take any you liked baby around the age of 2 months.
Not to mention all the hallmarks of a healthy kitten. It's clean, dense, thick and shiny coat, bright eyes without discharge. Do not hesitate to look the kitten in the ears and under the tail, to check whether there is inflammation of the mucous membranes, contamination. Note also on the tummy of the baby: it needs to be soft, even if the kitten has recently eaten. Tight and taut belly can be a sign of worm infestation. A healthy kitten is active and playful, curious reacts to everything that happens around.