For some reason, can appear angiomas

Such neoplasms as angiomas arise as a result of benign pathology of blood vessels, mostly capillaries. As a result, the skin surface a small bump filled with blood. Sometimes there are spider angioma, so named because of the hump at odds mesh of the thinnest capillary lines.

To form angiomas may at any area of the body. As already mentioned, by themselves they are quite dangerous and can cause is that aesthetic discomfort, if a lot of them or if they are on the face, for example. However, if the number of angiomas suddenly begins to increase sharply, it is necessary to consult a doctor because it may be a symptom of certain diseases, including malignant tumors. The vast majority of cases, the reason for this phenomenon are problems with the blood vessels (including the natural age-related changes, making the elderly is a lot of red spots on the skin) or liver problems. Angiomas often appear in pregnant women.

Is the characteristic sign by which the angiom can be accurately distinguished from other skin tumors. If strongly to press that little red dot, it will become noticeably lighter, and then adopt its normal color.

Do I need to get rid of angiomas?

If angioma (angioma) cause noticeable aesthetic discomfort, you can contact the medical institution and to remove it surgically. Currently, professionals can offer you non-surgical removal of skin neoplasms. By "vascular" laser can remove angiomas in 1-2 sessions. During this procedure you will only feel a slight tingling and burning. Usually these measures are invoked the fair sex in those cases when angiomas are on the face. Also to remove angiomas at home is strictly prohibited. At least, the body may be developing an infection and will begin the inflammatory process. And in the worst case this operation can provoke the development of cancer.

It must be clearly understood that the formation of angiomas is a natural and irreversible, and with age the probability of their occurrence there will be more. So better just not to pay attention to these bloody spots.