Advice 1: Why is there a red seal on the skin

Red seal on the human body have different size and localization. Very often their appearance is accompanied by itching, redness and pain. The effectiveness of the treatment of such entities will depend on timely and correct diagnosis.
Why is there a red seal on the skin
Note that the seal always appear under the influence of any factors (inflammation, trauma, infectious and oncologic diseases). The cause of the tumors determines the duration of their manifestation. Redness and swelling can be both single and plural. Their sizes vary from 1 mm to 10 cm.
Remember that the appearance of red lesions on the face and body of a person may indicate severe acne when a certain number of spots turns into a form of seals. Often these symptoms are observed when insect bites.
If the seal is reminiscent of a smooth moving ball, you might suspect the appearance of the cyst. Usually, this pathology is not accompanied by additional symptoms.
Education in the form of large red pimples on the scalp, thighs, and face indicates the development of folliculitis (inflammation of hair bags). Most often they develop in people with weakened immune systems, diabetes, and obesity.
Note that the impressive appearance of red bumps on body and face can indicate lesions infection or allergic human reaction to any cosmetic products. When inflammation of lymph nodes tumors situated over them. While a person observed increase in body temperature and severe intoxication.
It is important to know that a red seal on the skin can be a hemangioma - a benign tumor of dense or soft consistency. When not treated in time it grows in size and destroys the healthy surrounding tissue. Skin cancer red seal soldered to the neighbouring tissues and are usually painful. In the later stages of the disease, they can be transformed into purulent bumps.
When you see red seals on the skin of the back, abdomen, arms and legs you must contact your therapist. In accordance with the intended diagnosis he directs consult a specialist. Do not tighten with a visit to the doctor, because in some cases tumors can result serious ailments, without causing any inconvenience.
Sometimes red seals appear in the genital area. They are one of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Such education is most typical for genital herpes and condylomata.
Useful advice
When you see red seals on the body is not recommended to self-medicate. This can lead to serious consequences and significant deterioration of health status.

Advice 2 : Why under the skin bumps appear and seal how to get rid of them

The human body can respond differently to any stimuli or malfunctions. One of these reactions may be the appearance of subcutaneous lumps and seals. Unfortunately, we are reluctant to seek help until the disease starts to progress. Usually, the doctors come not just with complaints about the presence of strange formations under the skin, and with the question of why the seals have increased, accompanied by pain and redness. In any case, without attention to the problem lumps can not leave, otherwise you may experience the likelihood of malignant neoplasms. Effective treatment of seals beneath the skin depends on the speed of treatment to the doctor!
seal in the form of a ball under the skin

Why under the skin there was a bump: the main causes

The most common diseases that are accompanied by subcutaneous cones are:

1. Lipoma. The tumour formed of fatty tissue. The lump is painless, has the same color as your skin, when the feeling feels dense formation. Typically, a lipoma is a benign tumor and does not bring discomfort. Such tumors occur in metabolic disorders in the body. Statistics show that this disease affects women more than men.

2. Subcutaneous cyst. Cyst symptoms are the same as in the lipoma, the difference is the periodic inflammation of the seals. In some cases, the bumps selects the contents.

3. A ganglion cyst. This seal is in the form of a ball under the skin does not cause virtually any discomfort, in addition to the visible cosmetic defect. This files most often occurs bump on hand under skin on wrist or palm. It is a buildup of fluid and any mechanical action can itself burst.

4. Fibroma. Benign tumor that does not hurt, does not itch, not much protrudes above the surface of the skin. Fibroma occurs after traumas, inflammatory processes may be associated with a hereditary factor. The seal may be hard and soft, and the color cones varies from brown to red.

How to treat bumps under the skin quickly and effectively

Many wonder, is it possible to treat bumps under the skin at home? The answer is simple: the existing lump in any case do not try to squeeze, puncture or manipulate it in any mechanical way. Upon detection of a defect, contact your technician. To get started, visit a therapist, and after that specialist narrow profile: oncologist, surgeon or dermatologist.

Some seals are, themselves, do not require treatment. For example, lipomas are removed when they become visible cosmetic defect, and a small cyst, the doctor may recommend not to touch it, if it does not cause discomfort. If the cyst is inflamed, then appoint a special injection or surgery. Fibroma and ganglion cyst removed surgically. If the lump is associated with an infectious disease, the first step is to undergo treatment aimed at eliminating the problem.

When it detects bumps under skin be sure to consult a specialist. Only he can definitively exclude or confirm your concerns, to explain why a ball under the skin, to prescribe the right treatment.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of red dots on body

Small red dots on body — a fairly common problem in women. They appear due to different reasons. Sometimes it can be a symptom of disease, sometimes it's just the result of physical effects on the skin.
How to get rid of red dots on body
The most harmless, what may appear such points on the body — it's an unfortunate shaving legs or hands. If you used too high-quality machine or did not use disinfectants, after-shave may be irritation of separate areas of the skin. So only use a personal razor and be sure to apply emollients to the skin.
Red dots can be signs of allergies. In this case, pay attention to your diet and eliminate obsolete products that are able to cause such a reaction. It can be citrus, pomegranates, honey, very sour or spicy sauces and condiments.
If the appearance of red dots caused by some reasons, first of all, contact the clinic. If you are liver disease, immediately get treatment. Strictly follow all doctor's orders, propene medications, and further follow the diet. Do not consume fatty, fried foods. Limit alcohol intake, do not visit fast food restaurants. Organize your diet in a balanced way, with enough consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.
Usually red dots on body are not independent disease, and indicate the malfunction of internal organs. So, in addition to problems with the liver, they can cause disorders in the pancreas. So be sure to do biochemical analysis of blood. The specific cause can be established only after a thorough examination.
If the tests showed no violations, contact your dermatologist. There are many different skin diseases, which are expressed as sporadic red dotsand redness of certain skin areas.
Only if you managed to install the entire absence of disease, can be directed to the beautician. A good technician will mask your point, tell me how to apply makeup so they appear in the course of the day, what means to use.
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