Note that the seal always appear under the influence of any factors (inflammation, trauma, infectious and oncologic diseases). The cause of the tumors determines the duration of their manifestation. Redness and swelling can be both single and plural. Their sizes vary from 1 mm to 10 cm.
Remember that the appearance of red lesions on the face and body of a person may indicate severe acne when a certain number of spots turns into a form of seals. Often these symptoms are observed when insect bites.
If the seal is reminiscent of a smooth moving ball, you might suspect the appearance of the cyst. Usually, this pathology is not accompanied by additional symptoms.
Education in the form of large red pimples on the scalp, thighs, and face indicates the development of folliculitis (inflammation of hair bags). Most often they develop in people with weakened immune systems, diabetes, and obesity.
Note that the impressive appearance of red bumps on body and face can indicate lesions infection or allergic human reaction to any cosmetic products. When inflammation of lymph nodes tumors situated over them. While a person observed increase in body temperature and severe intoxication.
It is important to know that a red seal on the skin can be a hemangioma - a benign tumor of dense or soft consistency. When not treated in time it grows in size and destroys the healthy surrounding tissue. Skin cancer red seal soldered to the neighbouring tissues and are usually painful. In the later stages of the disease, they can be transformed into purulent bumps.
When you see red seals on the skin of the back, abdomen, arms and legs you must contact your therapist. In accordance with the intended diagnosis he directs consult a specialist. Do not tighten with a visit to the doctor, because in some cases tumors can result serious ailments, without causing any inconvenience.