Not too dangerous spots on legs

Spots on the legs can tell you about any health problems in humans. Disease in this case may not always exactly hit the legs, for example, disease of the internal organs often have reflected on the skin.

Red spots resembling urticaria and located on the man's legs, most likely talking about allergies. Perhaps the reason is the new cosmetic product, medicinal product or food product. Sometimes allergic to dye fabrics or on their composition. The reason you need to be sure to find, the hospital can make special tests for allergens.

Dangerous spots on legs

Much more dangerous if the legs appeared dark spots. They can appear in place of moles, in this case we can talk about rebirth in melanoma. Sound an alarm if moles were dark and in places of their dislocation pains. In any case, moles need to keep under control.

No less dangerous red spots that suddenly appeared on my feet. These symptoms may indicate vasculitis - inflammation of blood vessels. If you see red spots, should immediately go to the hospital and undergo all the necessary examinations that are prescribed by a doctor. You should not let the disease drift, by itself, it will not work. Running the disease cure is much more difficult, especially because it may cause serious complications.

Gray-brown spots appeared on the feet are the symptoms of diseases of the organs of the excretory, or digestive systems. They also indicate a problem with metabolism, lack of vitamins and minerals. Treatment of folk remedies such as baths and lotions is inappropriate here. If you get rid of the symptoms, you can skip the development of a rather serious illness.

The most rare, but no less dangerous are yellow-pink scaly patches. They can be symptoms of pink lichen. Their own to cure this disease is impossible, but to worsen the situation is very simple. Pityriasis rosea home healed easily can develop into eczema. The appearance of pink, scaly spots on legs, go see a dermatologist. Time after the course of treatment, you will recover completely.

If you have the legs often appear bruising or spots that you for them to make, it can be assumed the disease of the circulatory system. Due to bleeding disorders, vitamin deficiencies, certain medications vessels may become fragile. That is, frequent bruising is the reason for going to the doctor.

Blue spots appear on the legs due to heart problems or liver, malnutrition, varicose veins. All this weakens the walls of blood vessels and blood, protruding from them, can be seen under the skin. Pay close attention to your feet, don't miss the slightest change on the skin.