Primarily, red spots on body – this is a clear sign of urticaria, in which gradually occurs the formation of blisters. The reason for its occurrence can be food, medicines, reaction to antibiotics, the presence of the virus in the body, sweating and others. As a rule, when Troubleshooting source problems disappear without any special treatment. Effectively helps with allergies eczema or infusion of flowers of dead-nettle. For its preparation take 1 tablespoon and pour 1 Cup of boiling water. The cooled infusion use 100 ml to 5 times during the day. Similarly, you can prepare an infusion of chamomile, which is taken as a tea (can be with sugar or natural honey). Often, allergic rashes, it is advisable to eliminate taking antihistamines in combination with local treatment of lesions. In any case, do not brush the stains and not disguise them before the doctor visit any medicines (brilliant green, iodine, furacilin, etc.), as this can impede the work of a specialist and become the reason for raising the wrong diagnosis.

If red spots on the body accompanied by itching and burning, it can be a signal of pink lichen, which occurs when prolonged exposure to excessively high or low temperature, and also during latent infection. Often the disease appears in spring and autumn, when there is aggravation of many diseases. For the treatment of pink lichen you can use cabbage leaves, which must be pre-lubricated with cream. These packs apply to the affected area of the body prior to complete drying of the leaves. After that, repeat the procedure.

Red spots in a child may indicate the initial stage of chicken pox, rubella or measles. An experienced specialist in the field of Pediatrics and dermatology will be able to set a disease and assign optimal treatment, given the age of the child and his physical development.

In adults red spots often appear in case of poisoning by alcoholic beverages or chemical substances, as this is the excess toxic load on the liver. In this case, you must neutralize the impact of harmful substances and to rid the body of their contents (droppers, enemas, gastric lavage, etc.). After that you want to restore functions of the body.

If red spots on the body are a symptom of lupus, we can apply the recipe of folk medicine. To do this, take nettle, plantain, cranberries and birch in equal proportions. To this collection add the tansy, St. John's wort, dandelion, clover medicinal, mother-and-stepmother, Highlander and oregano, then mix thoroughly with the herbs. 2 tablespoons collection will need 2 cups of boiling water, which should fill with the herb and leave to infuse. Prepared with the decoction, take 50 ml 3-4 times a day for six weeks.

The most serious and dangerous pathologies in which there are red spots on the back are the secondary form of syphilis, mycosis fungoides, limska disease and some other infectious diseases. All these conditions require a doctor's supervision and mandatory treatment. Without these measures, the process will only be exacerbated, increasing the negative impact on the human body.