Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder start with identifying the causes of disease. The patient should understand the nature of his illness. The best assistant is the family, which should form a correct attitude to the patient. PTSD occurs most often in the combatants, the women victims of violence. The treatment is performed by a specially trained therapist. Panic attacks, anxiety, explosiveness, impulsiveness help overcome antidepressants and tranquilizers.
During the premenstrual syndrome, limit your intake of salt and fluids. In disorders of pregnancy do not use psychotropic drugs, don't worry over trifles. Remove all distractions, establish calm in the family and in relations with her husband. If hospitalization is required, do not give up.
Postpartum mental disorders are treated only in a hospital. Mother and baby should be isolated from each other, but only temporarily. If the mother takes drugs that should be banned from breast-feeding. Conducting psychotherapy, family counseling can help to resolve all conflicts. She gradually feels and accepts the new social role that helps her get rid of postpartum disorders.
Learn to manage your mental activity. If you let things drift, then negative experiences will prevail. Even in the most desperate situations active. Don't lose your nerve, don't fall into apathy.
Have more positive emotions, enjoy your life, because these emotions affect the nervous system and contribute to the improvement of the body. Sleep and physical activity is perfectly uplifting. Walk in the fresh air, listen to your favorite music. Good relationships give vivacity and cheerfulness.