Call an ambulance, the patient needs to be hospitalized. At the hospital, he begins to undergo treatment with psychotropic drugs, mainly neuroleptics. Doses of drugs is quite high, so to treat them at home impossible, and dangerous to leave a person with hallucinations of one, or the loved ones.
As delirium tremens - the effects of insomnia on the background of severe intoxication, the person will enter and narcotic drugs. The first days you will not be able to visit the patient, he will sleep most of the time. This should not scare you, restoring the nervous system occurs this way. After 2-3 days the dose of hypnotics will be significantly reduced, but it is provided that the patient began to feel better.
The patient will be administered high doses of drugs that produce intoxication. These drugs are paid, but sometimes they are administered free of charge. Detoxification will be carried out for 5-7 days, sometimes longer. It all depends on symptoms of disease and the overall health of the patient.
Living conditions in the hospital not to everyone's liking, but no matter how ask the patient to pick it up earlier than 15-21 days, don't do it. The crisis may begin at day 14 after the person has stopped drinking. During treatment, he put down not only neuroleptics, but also give supportive therapy of vitamins.
After treatment, keep the patient continued taking some prescription drugs for the required period. Without this, the next bout of delirium tremens may begin in a more severe form. Visual and auditory hallucinations may bring the patient to suicide. Be very careful and contribute to people received treatment for alcoholism, because withdrawal symptoms are not talking about complete cure of the disease, she can go after 50 g of vodka.