The diagnosis "schizophrenia" you got as a result of objective causes and long-term testing. You are on the account in psychiatric clinic, and everyone who is on the account about any disease in any medical institution, are obliged to systematically visit the doctor for routine examination and appointment or correction of maintenance therapy.
The diagnosis can be put only psychiatrist on the decision of the medical Commission. Remove the diagnosis can only the medical Commission of psychiatrists. As with the diagnosis "schizophrenia" has a number of limitations, for example, you cannot drive a vehicle, obtain a firearm permit, to work in places of high responsibility for the life and health of people, of course, many patients want to get rid of this diagnosis.
If you want a diagnosis has been cleared, refer to a psychiatrist from whom you stand on the account. You will be assigned a number of surveys and medical tests. But examined for removal of the diagnosis is possible only if you have over 5 years there were periods of aggravation, you just came to the outpatient clinic, did not receive maintenance therapy with neuroleptics and antidepressants and never sought treatment for the alcohol or drug poisoning (article 37 of the law 3185 on psychiatric assistance to the population of the Russian Federation).
First and foremost, the members of the Commission are required to hold a conversation with your family and loved ones. You give undergo a series of tests developed by doctor of medical Sciences in psychiatry. Prescribe common tests, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, x-ray, encephalography, tomography and ultrasound of the brain. You will have a half-hour conversation with different issues related to testing.
If all test results will show a full mental health and adequacy, the diagnosis can take.
But if the Commission decides that the diagnosis is impossible to make it, to challenge it is quite useless. The courts do not have jurisdiction over these issues.