Find out on what grounds a person can be defined for compulsory treatment. Under Russian law, it applies to people with mental illness who pose a clear threat to themselves and others. It also may be persons with mental disorders who have committed a crime and found mentally incompetent by the court. Alcoholism or drug addiction by themselves, cannot cause the forced hospitalization if they are not accompanied by concomitant disorders. In this case, perhaps the direction of the person in a drug treatment hospital without his consent, with subsequent treatment by a psychiatrist.
To establish the severity of the patient's condition, please contact the local doctor. He will give a direction to the psychiatrist that in severe cases can leave the house. In the case of recognition of a person ill and dangerous to himself or others, the doctor will issue the document with the right to admission and a special note about what is possible and involuntary treatment.
At the next exacerbation of a mental condition call an ambulance and hand them a certificate of a psychiatrist. In this case, the patient will be required to deliver in a psychiatric hospital. Also you can not wait for the complications of the disease and to go to the hospital with the help of their own.
Contact the court to resolve the question of capacity hospitalized. Relevant medical documentation you are able to get in the hospital. If the patient is declared incapacitated, you will be able to get custody of him and be able, if necessary, to regulate his stay in the hospital. However, if the hospital has committed a crime, and the court ordered to send him for treatment, you will not be able to take your family member home for as long as doctors deem him cured and safe for the environment.