Before you callan ambulance, make sure that you know exactly where the victim is. Find out the name of the street and house number (if the person is not in the apartment) - this will save precious time, because you'll be able to explain to the Manager how to get to the patient.
Call the ambulance. A single telephone for the whole of Russia - 03. If you are calling from a mobile phone, dial 003 (mobile operator Beeline) or 030 (for operators MTS and MegaFon). You can also call the number 112 is a multi-line phone that you will connect with physicians. Please note: this room works even if the phone is not sufficient, in the absence or blocking of the SIM card. If you need to call the medics and the cops, call the cops (don't forget to report complaints of the victim) - ambulance assistance will cause them.
It would be better if answers to questions Manager you will think ahead. They are simple (you'll find out about the patient's age, complaints, call and ask the phone number where you can be contacted if necessary), but untrained person can get confused. Answer clearly to the question, do not allow to speculate and not make assumptions, if you do not have medical education. If people can not step on the foot - you need to answer exactly and not "I guess he has broken, it does not occur on the foot. The more accurate and faster of the submitted information, the sooner it will be rendered assistance to the victim.
If you are in a remote area (on the outskirts of the sleeping area or in the Park), try to meet the ambulance. The driver, of course, will do the job, but doctors are much quicker to get to the patient, if they know exactly where to go.