What disorders are treated in psychiatric hospitals?

To undergo outpatient or inpatient treatment in a psychiatric clinic can people with mental disorders of varying degrees. The presence of deviations does not imply the medication. Depending on the type and severity can be prescribed a course of psychotherapy, e.g. cognitive behavioural or psychodynamic.

So often the basis for treatment in a psychiatric institution are the following diagnoses: manic-depression, schizophrenia, panic attacks, deep depression, phobias, impaired consciousness, various types of personality disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, delusions and hallucinations caused by impaired brain function.

The causes of mental disorders may be different: heredity, birth defects of the fetus (cause different forms of retardation), head injury (cause of traumatic psychosis and dementia, paranoid psychosis), the ingestion of psychotropic substances, deeply traumatized.

Methods of treatment of mental disorders

One of the main causes of distrust of psychiatry were numerous instances of forced treatment, electroconvulsive therapy and insulinomas, and the use of these techniques for medical purposes.

Modern treatment of mental disorders involves the use of complex methods of biological therapy and psychotherapy. More careful attention should be paid to biological therapy, as it refers to the use of psychotropic drugs: neuroleptics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, psychostimulants, nootropics, and hormones, adherence to special diets.

Antipsychotics "cal", limit the ability to move and apply in schizophrenia that the patient does not harm themselves or others. When acute symptoms are, the dose decrease, select the maintenance therapy. Antidepressants stimulate mental activity, tranquilizers – calm and are used in different kind of nervousness.

Of course, the responsibility for appointing the patient of medications are the responsibility of the doctor. With the correct diagnosis and well-selected treatment of patients return to normal.

There are cases of deterioration of patients and even their death are mainly associated with incorrectly chosen treatment, wrong diagnosis and a violation of the rules of application of medicines.