You will need
  • - the passport.
To disable your phone number provided by your cellular operator "MegaFon", disconnect one of the offices of the subscription service or at a retail location of the company. You need to have a passport, but only if the SIM card was issued in your name. If the number is registered to another person, his presence is also needed. Instead of a passport you can carry any other document proving your identity according to the legislation.
Write a statement of termination of service. If necessary, return the SIM card to the employees of the company "the Megaphone". After some time your room will become inaccessible and will be debited from your name in the database of the cellular operator.
Please note that to turn off you must ensure that your account balance is greater than or equal to zero; if you have a negative balance, you will have to recharge using any available means. This can be done in the office of the operator.
If the SIM card was not in your name or you will not be able to write a statement of termination of service for any other reason, wait until the end of the deadline set by the company "the Megaphone" to stop providing you with communications services during a period of inactivity of the SIM card.
During this period, do not make your no phone calls, send SMS and MMS messages don't send queries, and to check account balance. Don't go with the SIM card in the Internet and disable any services involving a monthly fee. Usually this period is 3 months, however, things can vary by region, so check this information from the operator by number 0500.