You will need
  • IMEI (unique serial number), the database of the IMEI numbers of stolen phones that are being sought, access to the Internet.
Determine the IMEI number of your mobile phone. It can be found directly under the barcode, removing the cover and removing the battery. The combination of 14-15 digits and will be the IMEI of your personal cell phone. Even easier, you can learn the ID number by typing *#06#, then it will be displayed on the screen.
Log on to the Internet and find a base for checking IMEI numbers. This can be done on the websites of the online-player Virtual Maykop (reference service) and other urban and regional sites, providing a telephone base.
Enter the IMEI in the box of the database and click "Check". If your machine is clean, we will receive approximately such result: "not found our database of numbers corresponding to the search condition" or "This IMEI is not in our database. If the phone was stolen, then the information appears on the registration date of the theft.