How to prevent the theft of a mobile phone

To prevent cell phone theft, follow a few rules. Do not buy too expensive, and fashionable model, as it will immediately begin to attract universal attention. Do not remove the phone in rush hours, when a large crowd of people and night if you are on the almost deserted street. In the dark on the street it is better to turn off the sound on the phone, otherwise there is a risk not only with technology but also with health.

In public transport, in shops and banks of swindlers, as a rule, very much. Being in such places, be especially careful. Put your phone in the internal pocket bags or clothes so that you could always feel his hand. In bars, cafes and restaurants never put the phone on a table or the bar, otherwise after a few minutes you will not find.

What to do if phone is stolen

If you keep track of your mobile device still failed, you need to immediately take measures in order to return it.
Of course, if the mobile phone is broke you neck, and you are confident in your physical strength, you can try to catch the robber. In other cases, it is necessary to contact the police.

Write the application in militia. To apply to be not at the place of residence and place of theft. Specify in a statement that the phone was stolen, do not write that he is missing under unknown circumstances, otherwise criminal case no initiate will not.

When you apply, you will require the receipts for mobile devices. Very well, if after purchase you have saved all relevant documents, receipts and warranty card. Without such documents you will not prove that the stolen thing belonged to you.

If the phone is on, the police will be able to find it pretty quickly. For this you will need to provide them with the IMEI code of your phone. This piece of code, the police will be able to track the movement of the stolen device in the GSM space.

Provide the IMEI code and all the copies of the documents on the telephone to your service provider. If necessary, the operator can lock the phone.

Most importantly, do not pull the time finding phone. Submitting a statement to the police, try to find your mobile ads online. The network often put ads on the sale of stolen devices.