If you find someone else's phone, then try to find in the notebook of his contacts with names: "mom", "dad", "sister", "husband/wife". Call these subscribers. With their help, you can contact the owner of the found device and set the time and place to meet to return the phone.

Problem may be the presence of a pin. Without it you will not be able to turn on the machine, and, hence, to contact relatives and acquaintances of the man, his lost. In this case you can place an ad on found phone to the newspaper. However, don't describe it too detail. This is useful if you will encounter the scams. Before giving the find, contact the supposed owner, what color housing, SIM card of the operator is inserted, etc.

Often forget your phone in public places. Give it to the owner of the room, where you found it. According to the civil code, the thing found in transport or on site organization / private person must be transferred to the person who is the owner of the vehicle or premises. The owner, in turn, must act in accordance with the law, as in that case if he found a lost thing.

You can also contact the police with a statement about the discovery. You have the right to take the phone to the storage in bodies of local self-government or to keep it. If within six months from the date of filing, the owner of the phone did not show up, it is possible to consider it. If you phone is not needed, it becomes community property.

All your efforts should not be gratuitous. No one forbids you to claim the reward, if the owner of the phone was found. Officially, the amount of gratitude should be 20 % of the cost of the phone. If he has more value to the owner, that the remuneration can be specified individually.

In addition to the rewards you can get compensation for the storage of the phone and the cost of finding the owner if the phone was transferred to municipal property. The amount of damage is calculated according to the documents confirming your expenses. So do not throw away any receipts and receipts to be received in the process of finding the owner found you.