When the word "You" is capitalized

The word "You" is capitalized more often in two cases. The first case is a formal appeal in writing to the legal or private person. For example, a large letter in the word "You" is used when one person writes another message such as "Sincerely yours", "Congratulations", "I Want You to know" and similar situations.

The second case writing the word "You" with a capital letter is a personal letter to one specific person, including messages on the phone and by email. This is the optional writing. The choice of implementing writing – to Express or not to Express the respect in the message.

When the word "you" is spelled with a small letter

We can say that the string writing "you" with a small letter is used in all other cases. For example, the word "you" is spelled with a small letter when referring to several entities at once: "Please, dear Ivan and Andrei Sergeyevich", "my Dear, your letter..." and so on.

Another case spelling of the word "you" in small letters, ads and newspaper articles. Also to this situation include literary works, quotation, appeal to the users on the sites. Also "you" is spelled with a small letter, if the case is hypothetical.

"You" - big or small letters?

However, there is an exceptional case in which it is not quite clear whether to write big or small letter in the beginning of the word. This is a situation when the recipient of treatment is vague face. That is, in this case, the attitude of the writer to the addressee of the appeal is irrelevant. Different dictionaries have different opinions on this.

But you can see an interesting pattern. In the new handbooks and publications are advised to write the word "you" in small letters, but in the old grammar reference books say that the word "You" should be written with a capital letter.

How to write "you", if there is any doubt

Sometimes when you call "you" there is a lot of doubt how to write the word with big or small letters. Usually in reference to the group of persons "you" is spelled with a small letter. But in the case appeals to one specific person most often use a capital letter at the beginning of words. But what to do when doubts arise?

Do not be afraid to write the word "you" in small letters, because in most cases it is the most correct. Although different handbooks can be an off-putting. The word "You" is capitalized in the case of a huge respect for the man. For example, the word "You" should be written with a capital letter when referring to the boss.