When writing a business letter, take the form of enterprise. As a rule, its format is defined in the instructions for clerical work, printed on A4 paper. If printing is done on the final form, take care of a sufficient top margin (below is the details of the company). Leave the box on the left – 30mm, right and bottom – 20mm (can be less, but not less than 15mm).
Choosing the form, decide on the location of the details (angular or longitudinal). If your letter is associated with the production and financial activities, carries information, the proposal for cooperation addressed to the private person, it is better to use the angular location of the details (in the upper left corner of the sheet).
In the upper left of the letters printed details of the addressee. For a legal entity – the name of the organization (in the nominative case), title of the person that received the letter (in the dative case). For example, OAO Pavlovskgranit, the sales Director Ivanov I. I.
If the letter goes to the head, the entity name can be omitted, because it is the name of the position (for example, "Director of JSC "Pavlovskgranit" Sidorov E. E.).
A letter of congratulations, letter of invitation will look better on the form with longitudinal details. In the header of the letter the minimum number of details – the coat of arms or emblem, the company name and abbreviated company name (only if it is enshrined in the Charter or other governing document), date and number. Address, phone, e-mail address of the organization are located in the footer. The contents of the letter it is desirable to place on one sheet.
Now start writing the letter itself. The name of the document (Letter) printing is not necessary. Font, select in its sole discretion, if it is not stipulated in the regulations on records management. Often used Times New Roman font, size 12 – 14.
If it intended a particular person, speak directly to him ("Dear Nikolai Ivanovich!") and only "You". If not, proceed directly to the text. In the case when the letter short, change line spacing to 1.5.
The content must be clear, clearly Express what you want from the addressee.
In conclusion, note the position of the head, the signatories of the letter, name (initials put in front of names, for example, V. I. Petrov). Below your coordinates as a by – surname, name, patronymic, telephone.