The transition to "you" according to the rules of etiquette

To most senior people should be treated, as they have more life experience, and such treatment is a sign of respect for him. Also "you" refer to those who have higher positions or rank that allows you to create a strong business relationship. There are other cases of such treatment, which will be discussed below.

To communicate on "you" in society between people of the same age, social and business situation. An important point is that the interlocutors must be familiar with each other, that is, to be on friendly terms. Must correctly identify the point at which you can go to "you" in communion with man. Usually it comes when you feel that you are easy to communicate with someone, you always find a common language, do not experience a feeling of tightness. Please note that in accordance with the rules of etiquette during communication between a man and a woman it is the latter which should be the initiator of the transition. Thus, it shows their trust in the man and the desire to make communication more intimate.

The ways of transition to "you"

Before you go for personal contact, ask the person's permission to do so, for example, "let's go to "you"?". If the formal phase of the much delayed, and you feel this in your soul mate, you can simply say, for example, "come on "you"?". At first well think, whether the source against it. Even if you feel comfortable in conversation, he also could experience some awkwardness. Try to recognize his emotions and understand them to you.

There is no exact consensus on using what is the best time to go to "you". In some cases, this requires to communicate with a person days or even months in an official tone, while in others the transition is performed in the first minute of the conversation. Most likely, you will feel this point intuitively.

If you doubt that you should go to "you", not in a hurry to do that. In Russia it is common to refer to "you" to all the strangers. Made a mistake and too sharply turning to the familiar tone of communication, you run the risk of be thus rude to the other party. It may seem that you want to demonstrate your superiority over it or show contempt. Therefore, further communication may not be folded properly.