When working in the document simply press the “Caps Lock”. Then continue to enter text – all letters are capitalized. This key is to the left, between the keys “Shift” and “Tab”.
Another way to enter capital letters – use a larger font size. This option is adjustable in the top toolbar of the text editor. Find the font name, and just to the left of the number. It corresponds to the height of letters in pixels. Highlight the text that you want to increase. Click on field and type a new larger value. Hit the "Enter" key to confirm the selection.
Blogs change the size of the font, particularly its increase, is regulated by either pressing the “Caps Lock” then all text will be capital letters), as in the case with a text editor, or using special tags. Tags are introduced at the stage of creating text before and after the allocated size of the segment. Before you start working with HTML tags, set the mode to edit HTML (not the visual editor the “Rich Text”). Otherwise, the tags will not increase the text, instead it will appear in the final message.
The first tag increase put before the text you want to zoom in: <font size="+3"> . The number 3 corresponds to an increase of the font is 3 pixels. If you need more magnification, put the corresponding number.
At the end of fragment put the tag: </font>. Regardless of increasing the font, this tag is not changed and no additional characters in it to fit is not necessary.
Another way to enter capital letters in the text of the blog is to ask the font of a certain size that exceeds the size of the rest of the text. To do this, convert the first tag accordingly: <font size="30"> . The number corresponds to the size of the font in pixels. If desired, replace it with any other. The second tag remains the same and is placed at the end of the allocated fragment.