General rules of filling of forms of the exam

All forms of the exam after the exam is scanned and further work is not a sheet of paper, and a digital copy. In this part the data is processed automatically. Therefore, it is important that all are made in the form of letters and numbers was a good read and definitely recognized. This stems from the basic requirements for completing forms:

  • use black gel or capillary pen with a good, clear track (pale ink, pencil marks or blue paste may be lost when scanning);
  • to write letters, numbers and other symbols is strictly according to the pattern given on the forms, while remaining within the borders of the fields. Special attention should be paid to two a symbol that can easily "blend": the unit (according to the rules it is written simply as a vertical line without the "tails" on the top) and seven (it is written with a horizontal line);
  • use only capital letters;
  • to prevent dirt, smearing or erasures on (they can be recognized as characters);
  • strictly follow the instructions on the forms and in Kymi;
  • start filling from the beginning (first left cell);
  • in each cell write only one character.

Before taking the exam does not hurt to practice writing letters print pattern, so that during the exam not to waste time for careful copy of the symbols.

The Council. When you select a pen that you take with you to the exam, try it in two modes, implying slightly different hand position: regular letter and writing of printed letters. In the exam you'll need to do both, and it is necessary to handle comfortably in the hand in each of these cases.

How to fill in a registration form of the exam

Even if the graduate is first confronted with the registration form of the exam directly to the audience, where an exam – the filling should not be a problem. Prior to the exam, training was provided where details on completing each field. If participants have any questions or concerns – responsibility of the organizers to help them. Then, when students have started the execution of works, the organizers of the test and check whether all fields are filled out correctly.

The registration form consists of three parts. In the middle contains instructions for checking the completeness of the individual package of the participant of the exam. At the bottom the participant puts a personal signature, confirming that he is familiar with the rules of the exam. The signature should be strictly within the allocated window and not to go beyond the boundaries of the field.

The upper part – the actual registration data. They can be divided into two groups: data on the time, date and place of exam and examinee personal information, as well as information about their place of study (code of the educational institution and class number). The first group includes:

  • two-digit region code
  • digital code for the point of the exam;
  • number of audience;
  • exam date (day, month and year);
  • the digital code of the subject;
  • item name (full or abbreviated).

All of this information before the exam is issued by the organizers of the exam Board, so when filling you can either follow oral instructions, or just copy notes from the Board.

Digital codes of the educational institution, as a rule, also written on the Board. But in some cases (e.g., when early delivery of the exam, when the audience is "team" group from different parts of the city) this is not happening. In this case, code can before the exam to look at the list of participants, posted on the door of the audience – or to check with the organizers (they have a list, which also contains all this information). Graduates of previous years indicate the code for the point of registration where they have applied for the exam.

In the "class" space for class rooms (11) and letters (if any). In doubtful cases, to specify the correct form of writing a class is also possible from the organizers.

Personal data are specified in full accordance with the data of the passport, a clear and legible manner:

  • surname, name and patronymic (in separate columns, starting with the first cell);
  • a series and passport number (without spaces or hyphens);
  • gender – male or female (mark with an x the appropriate cell).

The field "official notes" and "standby" do not fill.

If for some reason, to fill one of the fields is not possible (for example, taking the exam no middle name) – the field should simply be left blank. To put the dashes is unacceptable.

The form of registration usually takes 10-15 minutes, which are not included in the total time of the exam: the exam will be considered the moment when all necessary information is included, and participants are ready to start performing tasks. So no need to hurry: the focus is to prevent mistakes.

If you accidentally messed up the form, immediately inform the organizers of the exams. If it happened before the exam – you can give a new set; if during the execution of tasks – most likely, you will retake the exam in reserve days.

How to work with answer sheets

Forms of the exam in all my subjects look exactly the same: the exams use a single form, which is approved every year. Form No. 1 is designed to fit the answers to the questions with brief answers, form No. 2 for the detailed answers. If jobs involving detailed answer, many (as, for example, for the unified state exam on literature or social studies) and answers are placed on two sides of a sheet of A4 – examinees be given an extension.

In the upper part of the forms contains fields for entry of a region code, digital code and name of subject. They are rewritten from the form of registration. In addition, put a personal signature in the appropriate box. This is all that is required to fill in the examinee, the other fields remain empty.

Registration forms answers to "connected" automatically, by means of applied bar code, and any notes regarding the identity of the examinee, is strictly prohibited (exam will be processed anonymously). When issuing an additional form of answers will need to enter the same data plus the number of the sheet (2). Box with a bar code that allows to relate the forms to each other is filled in by the organizers of the exam.

A frequent mistake graduates – use fields for detailed answers as a draft. This can not be done: for roughing recording sheets with the stamp of the school, in addition, examinees may use for draft records page KIM. And all that is written on the answer sheets will be considered as the final answer on the exam papers.

How to complete the form of answers № 1 (with brief answers)


After the exam has eliminated the "guessing game" with the choice of one of the four correct answers (causes a lot of problems when filling), work with the form of answers № 1 it became much easier.

In the upper half Blanca are the numbers of jobs, and for each of them is assigned a place to record brief responses. Processing of forms is made automatically, therefore it is very important to comply with technical requirements: to fill with the first cells, to write letters and numbers on the model, not to make unnecessary marks, blurring and fixes.

If a mistake is made or a serious blot in the lower part of the form there is a special place for replacement questions (you must enter the job number and the correct answer).

If you do not answer any of the questions do not put the dashes – just leave the line blank.

When completing the reply form No. 1 should:

  • Follow the numbering. For example, in the exam for literature assignments with short answers interspersed with mini-essays. If you start to fill in the blank No. 1 all the lines in succession, the answers will not match the job numbers and will be read as incorrect.
  • Do not write any extra characters. In her math homework, for example, students sometimes write not only the final answer, but a fragment of the solution or the units incorrectly.
  • Carefully read the text assignments. For example, in the exam on the Russian language, you may be prompted to enter the number under which appears the correct answer or write the word itself. In the first case as a valid character when recognition responses will contain only digits, second – letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • If the answer consists of several words is to write them as one word, without spaces, commas or other characters (e.g., "GRAGDANSTVO"). Please note!The hyphen is a punctuation mark, as it shared not words but parts of words, so it should be used where it is needed. For example, in the exam in literature the answer to the question about the genre of "Eugene Onegin" will "ROMANISTICA", and the genre of "War and peace" or "quiet flows the don" – the NOVEL-EPOPEE".
  • In the task of correlating information in Kymi featured table, where the letters fit into the corresponding digit. In the form of answers in this case carries only the resulting numbers ("158", not "А1Б5В8").
  • When writing an answer, the word "default" uses the nominative case. However, if the words are written out from the text (for example, in the exam on the Russian language in the task of identification of antonyms or synonyms are used, usually of the same words as in the analyzed fragment ("MOROSAURUS", "SEBASTIENE" and so on).
  • At the time the exam on the history of the pay attention to the rules of writing the names of the monarchs. Often the correct answers are not counted, if, for example, instead of "ALEXANDRITE the graduate writes "ALEKSANDR". Roman numerals in this case, it cannot be used.

Tip: do Not fill in blanks with brief answers immediately as to address the problems. Write in Kymi, especially because they have a special place to record answers and resolved any overlays. After all tasks are solved, carefully transfer them to the form, one after the other, in parallel, checking the correctness of the answers. Focus on clarity of writing letters. This rewriting takes on average 5-15 minutes.

How to fill out the exam No. 2 (tasks with detailed answers)

Blank job No. 2 – the only information with which handle not a machine, but real people – experts use. Therefore, requirements to its filling much less. Important:

  • not to go beyond fieldbordered region to be scanned it);
  • write legibly, clearly, without deletions (experts handle dozens of jobs a day, and the answer cannot be read, is unlikely to get higher score);
  • do not forget to specify the numbers of questionsthat you answer (and for alternative jobs when the examinee selects, for example, one of the three suggested themes for the essays to indicate the number of the option).



You can write in each row, and using one is not regulated.

If the answers do not fit on the side of the Blanca – it is necessary to fill a text page to the end, not leaving empty spaces, and then go to turn. It is desirable in this case to make the last line a note "see back".

If the reverse side is completely filled – please contact the organizers with a request to give the additional form of answers. So if you are used to writing with a flourish – we should not try to fit everything on one sheet to the detriment of the legibility of handwriting. At the end of the reverse side you can also make a notation "see continuation in additional letterhead". If you have completely used up and an extension will give you another one.

If the sheet is left free space – when you receive the examination papers the organizers of the exam crossed his sign "Z".