The twins will be able to fall in love with someone who will be more volatile. They should always be playing catch-up. Draw them in, but as soon as they decide to make a more serious step disappear. Usually representatives of this sign themselves behave so, forcing others to constantly be in tension. Therefore, your actions will surprise and baffle them. The twins will try to get acquainted with you, to unravel the mystery.
Be energetic and proactive. Arrange for the Twins extreme Dating. They love new experiences, they are dependent on emotions. The more of them you will give to the Twins, the more likely they will fall in love.
Don't limit the freedom of the Twins. They cannot do without human attention. Thus, even when dealing with the opposite sex, they have no desire to change. They just love new people, all interested, all of them curious.
Surround the Twins. They love to talk about themselves, brag about achievements. Give them this opportunity. Gemini love to talk, so become a loyal listener.
Gemini love to give advice. Often asked what they think of this or that reason. Interests, as do you. Due to the fact that the Twins are dealing with a huge number of people, they gain invaluable life experience which I want to share with others. You can learn a lot if you give the Twins the opportunity to help you with good advice.
Don't tell the Twins about their feelings, it will scare them. Behave in a friendly way, so the Twins are accustomed to. And try to learn about them as much as possible. Listen to the same music, watch the same movies. If the Twins feel in you a kindred spirit, not an ordinary friend, they will try to become closer to you. The twins love to take the initiative in relationships, so give them that opportunity.