At the meeting always radiate a positive and good mood. A sincere smile and a quick eye contact is crucial in establishing relations with the representative of this sign. Gemini by nature a humorist and Joker, so the appropriate would be an invitation to a night club, a party, an amusement Park or concert.
Down with fluffy and frilly dresses, expensive jewelry and updo. On man-Twin will not make any impression. The same applies to cosmetic – only or a natural day makeup and a neutral lipstick on her lips. But formal wear for a date with Twins, mi will not do. The ideal girl for this zodiac sign is modern, fashionable, simple and humble lady. Men Gemini are excited by the aromas of vanilla and cinnamon, try to keep these notes present in your perfume, shampoo or shower gel.
There is a little trick how to attract a man of this dual and dualistic sign of Gemini – "reflect"/ repeat his demeanor, his actions, but do it very elegantly and imperceptibly. A man will intuitively be drawn to someone who he considers friends. Incidentally, this is a proven psychological technique for flirting.
Keep his attention on the peak of interest, you need to excite his imagination, to confuse and play with it. Be every time different, do not let him grasp you, to the end, to read you, but don't let him get bored. Show your intelligence, but at the same time stay charming and spontaneous. Joke and find topics of conversation. So you do not just lure a maleTwin, but will blubyte it pretty quickly.
Don't be afraid to lose it, think of the relationship easily, effortlessly, without fear. Forget about jealousy, don't make accusations, and charmed by your innocence and comfort the male Twin will follow you to the ends of the earth.