Aries by nature are conquerors, a girl, fascinated with the energy and charm of Aries, in no case, shall not immediately surrender at discretion. Really interested it maybe just somebody not so easy to overcome. To please the Aries girl must be a person with an opinion, circle of friends and interests.
Taurus is distinguished by thoroughness, sensitivity and sentimentality. Darling Bullock has to be a great lover, a skilled housekeeper and a decent mother for future children. Besides, Taurus has a high aesthetic demands, so the lady should create a beautiful interior, to know his artistic tastes and musical preferences. Moreover, with the Taurus you need to be patient: it will take time to decide to propose to his beloved.
Gemini prefer intelligent and sociable girls. In any woman they want to find not only beloved, but also a good friend who will be interested in his Affairs. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the relationship is not crept into boredom. A girl should always keep a certain share of mystery and come up with surprises for a loved one. Do not forget that the Twins are very jealous and will not tolerate even light flirting with another man.
Cancer – very emotional and yet conservative sign of the Zodiac. Romantic by nature, he can be secretive and unpredictable. Cancers are sensitive, rarely forgive and never forget. So a girl who wants to be with Cancer should practice tolerance, tenderness and care. Cancers like feminine and mysterious girls, but the companion of Cancer must be strong and resolute, as she often have to make decisions for two people.
In order to subdue the Lion, the girl must call universal envy and admiration, but always be prepared to yield the palm to their partner. Leo just need to know what about his companion's dream, but she prefers him. When this girl needs constantly to admire the Lion and in any case not to criticize him.
Virgo represents the rare type of men for whom love is the quality, not quantity. Therefore, man-Virgo makes very high demands to his beloved. In order to please him, the girl should be smart, versatile developed, and at the same time, patient and emotionally restrained. Maybe in the early Dating should become a good friend to him and wait for the moment when he notices the attractiveness of the girls.
Libra, as a rule, beautiful, charming, intelligent and aristocratic. To please a man born under this sign, a girl needs to read his favourite books, to get acquainted with the work of his favorite actors, artists and musicians. You do not need too obviously make his choice: Libra want to be the hunters, not the prey.
Scorpions prefer strong and at the same time sexually attractive women. Most of all, they value loyalty, dedication and intelligence, so with Scorpio you need to communicate, not afraid to defend their point of view. We should not forget that Scorpios are jealous and vindictive, so no need to give them an extra reason for suspicion.
In order to win Sagittarius, you should provide him the opportunity to think that the initiative comes from him. A girl needs as often as possible to appear in one company with Sagittarius, share his interests, and eventually became necessary for him. In addition, it should be remembered that Sagittarians prefer energetic, brave and courageous women.
For Capricorn in a relationship is most important, reliability and support, his feelings always obey the mind. The Capricorn man is attracted to a relaxed and friendly girls. It is useless to try to re-educate, we need to know what he wants to see the prospective life partner and attempt to match the desired image.
Deciding to link their fate with Aquarius, forget about the jealousy and to learn to accept him as he is. Aquarians are volatile and unpredictable, above all they value their freedom. To conquer the Aquarius, it is necessary at first to seem cool and unemotional. He in any case should not think that someone might infringe on his freedom. To attract the attention of the Aquarius, a girl has to do something extraordinary, maybe even to paint the hair green. Aquarians are curious and would never part with a woman, until you solve her riddle.
To please a man-Fish, you need to learn to listen carefully, looking at her beloved with loving eyes. Companion Fish need to be strong, reliable and loving, as in worldly Affairs Fish is distinguished by the extreme impracticality. While it should not be too overbearing and harsh – it may scare off the delicate and sensitive Fish.