In this question there are some subtleties and secrets. For example, the guy will not overpass well-groomed and attractive girl. Not so difficult to charm guys, if you know a few tricks.
The first thing to do is to pay attention to your appearance and to correct it. Psychologists recommend daily to clean myself up and looking in the mirror, to pay attention only to their strengths. Every girl should monitor their appearance to look good. It is on the appearance of a man, and pay attention in the first place. A girl needs to love herself, then the guys will pay attention to it. This does not necessarily have the parameters of the model and to be beautiful by nature, just need to know how to present themselves.
To be impregnable and mysterious - another rule acting on men stunning. Readily available girls are not attracted to men, except in exceptional cases. If the lady is unapproachable, as a fortress, and the man wants to win her over. Every girl should have some twist and mystery guy will need to solve.
If a girl differ from other persons of the fair sex, guys will be attracted to her. To cause admiration of men are very simple - you just show him what he could never do. It can be any crafts made with your own hands, or embroidery.
Don't need to be boring, it is better to show curiosity. If the girl is interesting itself, then chances are good that she will like and others. Well-read and inquisitive lady will be able to support any conversation, than to attract the attention and interest of your partner. Not to put pressure on the guy. Girls don't like it when they are considered property, so why does a guy have to like it? A guy can be kept on a short leash, while not limiting his freedom, but it should be done discreetly. No need to argue with the guy, arguing your opinion. Just need to agree to his terms and do it his way.
You need to make sure that guys are unable to forget about the girl he saw on the street or in another public place. To implement it is not so difficult. You can give the guy a mobile number but do not answer the call immediately. To assign a date to one man, and, leaving, smile the other. You need to be memorable and special for all the guys at once.
We must remember that in every girl there is sexy. You need to make it clear to the guy that the lady sees it in herself. Casually, she looks in the mirror, looking at his legs, fingers, eyes, eyebrows etc. it is Necessary to develop a sexuality, only then you can seduce any guy.